How We Find out and Why It Matters

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We are impelled to understand more about. As people, and as a society, we have a pressing desire to search and locate.

We see it in Celebrity Travel, which claims an objective “to discover… new planet’s, to search for out new life…, to strongly go where no (one) has gone before.” In technology, we see it in determining bigger telescopes, better compound accelerators, and more recent satellite to notice planets. We see it in other areas. Philosophers want to respond unresponded to questions; specialized mathematicians want to confirm misguided theorems; oceanographers want to notice unobserved absolute depths.

And we see it in the more ordinary. We see it in the fascination of a child viewing travel of bugs on the street. We see it our own fascination to a secret novel or a TV criminal action show – we want to know who did it. We see it in the … Read More