Movie Streaming Apps

In today’s technologically advanced world, everything is done by just a click- be it shopping, paying bills, ordering food, or even watch movies and TV shows. One such technology that was introduced about a decade ago was movie streaming applications. These are the applications which are used to watch movies online without downloading them on our systems or other gadgets. There are many such applications which have been designed since then. One of them is CinemaBox which allows people to stream movies with HD quality visuals.


It has revolutionised the way people used to watch movies. It has made people’s life much easier and convenient as movies can be watched anywhere on any gadget that’s available. Movie watching is just a click away nowadays.

Secondly, it saves a lot of time. It is with the help of such applications that people don’t need to download movies. It eliminates the time downloading used to take.

Thirdly, it is cost saving. Money plays a vital role in everybody’s life and these applications have reduced the cost of watching movies a lot. People find them more practical than going to a cinema or watching on the cable TV.

Another biggest advantage is that people don’t need to download and store such heavy files on their hard drives or systems or other gadgets. They can watch their favourite movie online anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, people don’t have to worry about their inability to watch a movie which being telecast on the TV as they can watch it online. They can even fast forward or playback instantly in case they don’t want to watch a scene or have missed a scene. Lastly, and importantly, streaming movies online is piracy protected means it is difficult to misuse them for one’s own profit as these aren’t downloaded and stored anywhere.

Despite having so many advantages, there are few negatives of streaming movies online too. The main negative is that streaming can be done only and only when one has internet. In case of no connection, it is impossible to stream movies online.

Another biggest weak point is that for streaming movies, we need a good internet connection with high speed as it uses up a lot bandwidth. In case of slower connections, it may lead to poor video quality or interrupted movie watching which may ruin the whole experience of watching the movie. The buffer time may not justify the excitement of watching at that time.

The world has definitely been transformed into a more technological and modern place to live in. It is with these applications that everything is accessible anywhere at any point of time. Movie streaming applications have been a boon for everyone who doesn’t have time or who looks for economical options.

Best Games to Play on Your Latest Console

When technology gets upgraded there is scope for newer products to be launched. This happens in all the fields and so the online games played on the console or phones cannot be exceptions.

There are some games that are the favorites of many. When a new game is introduced people try it and if it is interesting then the new game is liked more.

You can make a long list of such games but among them these five find a prominent place.

  1. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

In this game the maker offers to the players a level of freedom. They can also go creative that is not seen in any kind of sandbox.

You find distinctive storytelling skills and you can experience a sense of wonder. It is a story of Konami who may be trying to scrub the name of Hideo Kojima from the ultimate in an action that shows tactical espionage.

This can be explored by the player for months on and on and different secrets get revealed. This can make the player rethink how to approach the game.

The soundtrack of the 80’s is played and Keifer Sutherland’s voice acting who has a gruff voice. It is a classic game that you can play on your PS4. It has been re-released as mgs5. This is the version you should go for to get the maximum enjoyment.


  1. Grand Theft Auto 5

This game has been the favorite of the ps3. It has reappeared on the next gen console with some improvement. You have better textures. The cars are shinier. You have a newer first person mode that is executed brilliantly. The improvement and the additions that have been added seduce you and enthrall the players to the full. You get a blissful 50 hours of play when you indulge yourself into Los Santos. You don’t get a feel that it is re run. The mega heists and creator of improved character allows you to enjoy to the full. Simply put you can say that it is an open world game that will be enjoyed by everyone who plays it. If you enjoy playing such games this is for you.


  1. Fallout 4

In this game you have so much to do and so much to see. This is a game of a fat boy with an atomic force. The crafting system and the gunplay test your role playing skills. So you can consider this as a role playing game too.

You can set off to do a mission and then before you get to complete it you may get side tracked. This can happen when you find something horrific or wonderful as you move forward on your way.

The main character can be given a proper voice.

This will add to an additional layer of polish for the proceedings. There will be expanded set of companions. You have customization facility too. There may be some faults in this but the wasteland of Bethesda’s scale will always keep you trenched and glued to the game for weeks.


  1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

It is the details of the game that keeps you engaged in the game. There is the big action of the set pieces.

In the game you see the hero Nathan drake will touch things and they fall apart. He is encircled by these pieces.

You need to pay attention to detail herein. You can see how the wood splinters into small pieces when hit by gunfire. Then you see how during the car chase the clothing of Nathan will get caked with mud.

High octane drama is created during this stage. The tech savvy in you will be all praise for technology used. And you would wish to show off to your friends how easy and enjoyable it is to play this game. The small moments in the game really makes it great to play.

The characters in the series are given scope to grow as real people by the naughty dog. You least expected yet you find them filling in the details.

These may seem small moments yet they make the big ones feel really impactful. You get a personal touch playing it. It is a good game to be uploaded on your latest console the PS4.


  1. Bloodborne

This is truly a great game for anyone who enjoys adventure games. Yharnam is the atmospheric world created in the game. Here you have a city that is dripping with dread.

In every corner, you have a grotesque looking beast hiding. Or you have a lore that is fascinatingly twisted. You have few weapons to use but you have trick variants that can morph from long to short form. With these tricks, you are empowered with the virtually slaughtering tool.

In the combat, you can see the best third person melee ever seen. The design also impresses you. You have the monsters that are truly twisted. It is a gothic game that you must have to play on your latest console the PS4.

With this list, you can get the best game to play on your console. Happy playing!

The online revolution- World of Warcraft

The gaming industry reached newer heights with the launch of Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft in 2004. The massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) is an incredible game registered in the Guinness Book of World Records, for being the most chosen games in the MMORPG segment.

The game takes place in a vast, unrelenting world, in which the players run around and perform adventure with each other, collect the loot, fight and even accelerate to new levels together. The game is accredited for being user-friendly, which made it a popular choice among subscribers.

The Unique Selling Proposition of the online game

Any game can attract users for a limited time only, with the passage of time the game tends to lose its thrill. The user gets bored playing the same game,again and again. It is thus very important for game creators to upgrade the game at regular intervals. The game World of Warcraft has gained a huge stature, for it keeps on evolving and giving its user new levels, and strategies to play. The user gets a big, variant world to enjoy and discover.

The same can be seen in the original version of the online game, where the players used to get across two huge continents, whose foundation was laid on the “Warcraft” series. The additional expansion provided in the game enhances the whole appeal of the game, and gave a lot of variety to fantasize and enjoy.

From bipedal cows to martial artist pandas, the intelligence showcased through these creatures has the potential to challenge humans in the game. The excellent art direction of the World of Warcraft enlivens each character and its portrayal, which makes it seem like real figures and real homelands.

In spite of the game being available for a fee, the users don’t mind paying for, as they use to get unlimited access to the game. The game is designed in a way that it keeps the player hooked with different variety and levels, making them enjoy the game as long as it is feasible to them. The constant delivery of new accessories and new abilities keeps the player, addicted to the game, which is difficult to counter.

The World of Warcraft doesn’t hold a fixed rule for the execution of the game.

The MMORPG offers a variety of ways to execute the game. The gamer can go on searching for new upgrades and equipment’s, or the player can even try the game with an opponent.

There is also added an option to just enjoy fishing. The online game even enables the players to get into special role-playing where the player needs to be in the character during the course of a game chat.

The World of Warcraft is truly a game that created great bonding among people. The game allowed to collaborate with large groups of players under a single roof. This created huge communities and social bonding among people. The players even had the opportunity to create stories on their own.

The game’s interface allows customized working of the gamer created add-ons, which at times get absorbed in the game officially.